Diamondcats Baseball

Pricing Summary

Fall 2021 Travel Team Dues are $900

  • Team Fees - $900 - Includes:

    • Tournament Costs

    • Coaches Compensation

    • Practices

    • Uniforms (Extra for New Players)

  • Paid in 3 Installments
  • Scholarships and $ Credits may be awarded to existing players

  • Digital Fundraiser - $250 goal

    • Opt-out, pay the $250

    • Amounts raised over $250 will offset individual costs

Other Training Options:

  • 1:1 Lessons - $50 / $25 for Diamondcats

  • 10 Week Strength Program - $600 / $300 for Diamondcats

  • Credits Plans for Other Classes - See "Store" in our customer portal

  • All- Access Plan: $400 per Month / $200 for Diamondcats


Fundraising Portal

Each Player has a $250 fundraising quota. Anything over $250 goes directly to off-set individual costs as credit on your account, If you'd rather not do the fundraiser, you can simply pay the additional $250. It's easy and takes less than an hour.  Here's how it works:

Each player sets up an account on the Diamondcats team team page and shares to their network via email, text email or social media. We use a secure fundraising platform called GivingFuel to automate the whole process. See samples below:

Sample player page:



Sample team page: