Become an Athlete

Integrated and Sport-Specific

We've bundled Strength and Conditioning with Baseball and Softball Skill Development. As part of a turn-key program, student athletes can kill 2 birds with one stone every visit. We train on sport-specific functional movements rather than muscle-specific lifts.


Work on your skill and strength harmoniously in near real-time under one roof.


You're strong, but are you strong for your sport?

Rock Sports Center believes in building functionally strong athletes who have strength, mobility, and flexibility specific to baseball and softball. Functional strength avoids the heavy loads on developing adolescent joints and bones and opts for responsibly loading sports specific movements using kettlebells, resistance bands, sleds, and medicine balls.

Training movements, not muscles, can be found in most collegiate and professional athletic development programs and is supported by evidence-based research.  More importantly, we’re committed to thoughtfully training young athletes in the safest, most effective manner possible, never jeopardizing their health in the future for performance today.



Not all great players are great athletes – and that’s a limitation. In this class, the goal is to become an athlete. Using varied resistance training (dumbbells, medicine balls, sleds, bands, kettlebells, and more) we build every aspect of the athletic profile such as strength, power, speed, agility, balance, and proprioception (body awareness). Please note the design of these workouts vary from middle school to high school.. This program will also include an emphasis on arm care and arm strength.



Strength is good, but sports-specific strength is better. In this one-hour class, designed and executed by Nat’l Academy of Sports Medicine Trainers, develop functional strength that will immediately enhance your work on the diamond. Do you want more power and velocity? We implement dynamic rotational movements to unleash every bit of power possible. Do you want to be more effective in the outfield? We train those reaching, bending, and twisting movements that make all the difference.  We’re not just building strength, but strength that applies to the game.



Never underestimate the power of rest; the body makes its biggest changes while resting. In this class, we employ the tactic of active recovery, stepping back from intensive, fatigue inducing exercise and focusing on the pliability of soft muscle tissue, the flexibility around the joints, and the mobility of significant movement patterns. These recovery days are essential during a hard training cycle.

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